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Support: How to review your MOT results

The MOT has two key functions:

  • to help your organisation check that it is meeting the basic legal and good practice recommendations (and doing something about it if it is not meeting these)
  • to highlight areas of strength (to celebrate and share!) and areas of weakness to then look into in more detail through the Full Assessment

There are four key areas of the MOT results that you might want to reflect on before continuing to the Full Assessment:

  1. Mission Statement - if your organisation is struggling with producing a clear mission that everyone can agree to or you have found that your current mission falls outside the remit of your legal document - fixing this needs to be your focus before moving on. The full assessment needs your organisation to be clear about its mission as much flows from that - otherwise your work might be very ad hoc and unsustainable. We are happy to help NIDOS members with facilitated discussions or help you with ideas for how your Board or Trustees might work to agree a clear mission.
  2. Benchmarks and their indicators that you have not met the basic legal requirements for - we would recommend you prioritise these and remedy the problem before continuing - so any indicators that you have not met under the 'must have' column for the 17 MOT benchmarks are the ones to work on - we would also recommend that you fulfil those up to the level of 'should have' so you can 'pass your MOT' - but start with the must haves as you might not be legally compliant.
  3. Principles in the Star Exercise that your organisation scored low on (2 or below) - or where there was considerable difference of opinion on among the people in your organisation. Being an effective organisation is not just in relation to 'do we manage our money well' or 'do we run our projects efficiently' or 'is our governance strong'. Of course these are all important. However, the sector's collective experience is that effectiveness is also related to our 'approaches' to development - whether we are focusing on accountability to communities or ensuring that we build sustainability into the design of our work, etc. So if there are one or two Principles that your organisation scored low on, you might consider chosing these Principles as the first ones to work on at Full Assessment.This helps you prioritise and know where to start from at Full Assessment.
  4. Benchmarks where you registered Good, Excellent or Outstanding practice (i.e. where you scored 3, 4 or 5) - this is great! We would love to help your organisation celebrate your good practice and share your experience with others - tell us about it and we can profile your organisation's practice in our Newsletter, through a case study or by inviting you to input to a peer networking session or event.

NIDOS members can  get in touch with us if you want to discuss your MOT results in more detail or want further guidance. Contact or ring 0131 243 2680.