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All the information added regarding your organisation will be kept confidential, and will only be accessible to other members of your organisation. However, for purposes of ensuring the functioning of the website the content may be seen by the members of NIDOS administering the webpage. The content will not be sent to third party organisations or companies. Averages and summaries of data across organisations will be used however to aid in the goals of improving the effectiveness of organisations (for example the averages of the benchmark scores from all the organisations are provided in the MOT).


Besides the visible page that you see when visiting a website, the site may also send your computer small files called cookies. These have many uses and are essential for the functionality of many webpages. To comply with EU Cookie Law however, we must alert our users to the use of cookies on this website. There are six cookies which are sent. The first "has_js" is sent to all visitors to the site. This cookie is needed to allow various components of the webpage to know quickly and easily whether the browser you are using has javascript. It is deleted automatically by your browser as soon as you leave the webpage. Such cookies are exempt from the EU Cookie law as they are required for the basic functioning of the website. The second cookie appears of the form "SESS0fa505de2ea571bcd95eg8c4243b4467" (for example). This cookie is only sent to your computer if you log in. It is there to allow the website know which user is which (so we can ensure users can't see or edit each others' organisations). This cookie expires (gets deleted) from your computer automatically after one week. The four other cookies are of the form "__utma" which remain on your computer for up to two years to allow long-term anonymous usage statistics to be estimated. NIDOS uses google analytics. You can opt out of all google analytic data collection by using the google opt-out browser add-on

If you are not happy with the use of cookies you can download an alternative 'offline' version of the toolkit.