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Mission Statment group exercise ideas

Mission Statement group exercise ideas

This exercise revisits your organisation’s mission statement. Before you start this (group) exercise it would be useful for someone to gather together all the mission statements they see the organisation using – e.g. on the website, or in information leaflets, etc – there may only be one, but useful to check. In a group you might then ask the following to help your organisation decide whether its mission statement is satisfactory i.e. is it clear, current, relevant and understood by all in the organisation. It would be good, before the exercise is carried out, for everyone to have seen this list of questions:

  • What is our organisation’s current Mission statement – is there one?
  • Is there a single version or are there several - should we agree one overall Mission that will be used for everything?
  • Is there a clear, shared understanding of what the mission means?
  • Is what we actually do in practice (e.g. our projects) relevant to this mission? (Do a topline check on this at MOT - there is a fuller exercise on checking activities against Mission at full assessment stage.)
  • Do we need to either refocus the mission or the activities, so they fit each other? (Again, only do a topline check on whether it is the mission that needs to stay or whether the change in activities reflects a real and important shift in mission)
  • Does our mission fit our legal document? It is important that the mission remains clearly within that of your organisation’s legal document otherwise your organisation is operating outside of its powers.