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MOT Action Planning Guidance

If there are indicators at Levels 1 and 2 that your organisation does not yet meet then this stage will help you take them forward. At MOT do not worry about the higher level indicators, just focus on ensuring your organisation meets the basics. If your organisation has passed its MOT then skip this step.

Action Plan

The action plan gives you all the remaining indicators that are needed for completion of the MOT, based on your organsiation's scoring of the 17 benchmarks.

  • Look at the list of indicators in the action list and check they are still outstanding for your organisation - maybe there were some individual indicators at a level above your score that your organisation has already met - delete these ones
  • For each remaining indicator, consider what action needs to be taken to meet this indicator – you might usefully think about why this indicator is not happening at the moment. Is it because your organisation has just not considered this before? Or, if it has considered it but has not actioned it yet, what is stopping this being done? There might be several steps that need to happen to fulfil this indicator, list them in logical order – what needs to happen first, etc.
  • Decide who is the right person to lead on taking this action forward – they might not do all the work but are responsible for ensuring that this action gets completed.
  • Decide when this action needs to be completed by.
  • When the action has been completed then the ‘done’ box on the action plan can be ticked.
  • It is also useful to have one person responsible for reviewing progress against the action plan overall – name this person at the bottom of the action plan and decide a date for the next overall review of progress on the action plan

Here is an example of an action plan for one indicator:

Benchmark Number Indicators not yet met Action Needed By Whom When Action Completed
1 Board members are selected because they have the necessary skills for leadership of our organisation Carry out Board skills audit to identify gaps Chair By December Done
Draw up Person specification(s) for Board member(s) to fill this gap/these gaps Selection panel  By January  
Advertise the Board vacancies Administrator In January  
Review applications and select Board member Panel In February  
Induct Board member Administrator In March  


Person responsible for overseeing this Action Plan:    Chairperson                Date for review of this Action Plan: April 2013