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Money, money, money…

Well it might be funny in a rich man’s world but according to a recent report by New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), it might also be a bit confusing. Or at least when it comes to giving to charity. NPC’s report, Money for Good UK has highlighted that many donors find it difficult to understand what their money is spent on, and what difference it makes.

The report shows that currently, donors say that charities are underperforming in explaining how money is spent, and in demonstrating their impact. In addition to this, 20% of mainstream donors and 34% of high-income donors would increase their overall giving if charities did a better job in  the areas they care about. So this seems to be a strong motivation for charities to improve their transparency. This is what we’ll be talking about at this event on the 6th June – Effectiveness Who Cares? at which New Philanthropy Capital will be presenting.

Learn more from the report’s author, Sally Bagwell, in this video below.















The NIDOS Effectiveness Toolkit can help you to improve in demonstrating your impact and being transparent in how you spend money.
For example:

  • MOT 6: Projects are planned to make a positive & distinctive difference for communities (Accountability)
  • MOT 14: We build effective relationships with our funders so that they develop confidence in our organisation (Accountability)
  • MOT 17: We are open & transparent about the way we work (Accountability)
  • FA – BMs: We communicate effectively with our supporters, members & affiliates; Projects are regularly monitored & we take appropriate action to improve outcomes; We have an effective communication strategy and We deliver value for money