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No need to lose the plot over Health & Safety

The 28th of April will be the World Day for Health and Safety at Work. Some may say that Health & Safety has 'gone mad' but it’s still one of the areas of governance that NIDOS members are reporting that they’re struggling with the most.   

Health & Safety can be a daunting topic for organisations working overseas. They have all the legal requirements to meet in their operations in the UK, but need also to be aware of Health & Safety legislation in the countries in which they work abroad, and deal with the added risks posed by working in often adverse or unpredictable conditions.

However, a safe, healthy and happy workforce, whether paid or voluntary, is the bedrock of any effective organisation. So there’s a great incentive to make sure that Health & Safety is up-to-scratch, and plenty of resources out there to help you.

The NIDOS effectiveness toolkit identifies the basic requirements that any organisation needs to meet:
•    We have health, safety and security guidance notes
•    We have basic security & evacuation plans & do basic risk assessments
•    We meet basic legal Health and Safety requirements
•    Team members are given a H & S induction before they start work
•    We provide appropriate insurance for team members and the public
•    We take note of health & safety regulations in premises we use and in all the countries we work in
•    We keep up to date with H & S advice & legislation in areas where we work

Is your organisation meeting these basic requirements?

Well, health and safety will be on the agenda at our next peer networking session so this is an opportunity to come along and find out how you can brush up on the basics through discussion with other organisations and the NIDOS good practice development officer, Lynne Murray.

There are also lots of resources to look out for:

Don’t forget you can download Lynne’s handy guide to some of the best resources to help you work through all benchmarks of the MOT here.