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A matter of perception?

Joe Saxton, co-founder of the consultancy nfpSynergy said this month that there is a gulf between the public’s perception of charities and how charities in fact operate.

Money, money, money…

Well it might be funny in a rich man’s world but according to a recent report by New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), it might also be a bit confusing. Or at least when it comes to giving to charity. NPC’s report, Money for Good UK has highlighted that many donors find it difficult to understand what their money is spent on, and what difference it makes.

No need to lose the plot over Health & Safety

The 28th of April will be the World Day for Health and Safety at Work. Some may say that Health & Safety has 'gone mad' but it’s still one of the areas of governance that NIDOS members are reporting that they’re struggling with the most.   

The value of being a Charity Trustee

There can be no doubt that being a charity trustee can be, and usually is, hugely rewarding and enjoyable. However, it’s important to keep up-to-date with the legal responsibilities that trustees must fulfil. There is a statutory requirement for charity trustees to act in the interests of the charity and they are corporately responsible for the fulfilment of their duties.

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